Robatech offers Cartoglue-LP: a dedicated gluing system for the paper industry, autonomous, flexible, accurate and economically convenient. And much more.

Users of folding and gluing machines know well that the gluing system is not to be considered an accessory but a strategic component of production lines, capable of affecting its efficiency all-told, the same as the end product. Which is why Robatech has devised the new Cartoglue-LP system, a completely independent and autonomous system for the application of vinylic glues. And they present it as the ideal solution for the paper industry, enabling maximum flexibility, now more than ever necessary due to the ever smaller production lots.
Cartoglue-LP can hence boast Swiss quality and finish but at the same time presents a competitive quality/price ratio even compared to more reputed competitor systems, and that immediately won the approval of the market.

Distinctive aspects
Cartoglue-LP is installed on a sturdy aluminum trolley, which can be easily positioned in any point of the line and transported from one machine to another. The programmer is integrated into the trolley and the user can decide on the number of pistols the system is equipped with, while the initial configuration can be changed at any time simply by adding new pistols.
Even the basic Cartoglue-LP version includes all components necessary to ensure an efficient and above standard performance, from the double-diaphragm pump with proven reliability, to the pressure regulator and, if required, to the proportional valve. With this system glue viscosities up to 2500 mPas can be dispensed at production speeds of up to 400 m/min.

Moreover, the entire filter pump block is placed on a stainless steel plate with motorized lifting to drastically facilitate operator glue change operations.
All aspects related to the reliability, accuracy and safety of the system have been given the greatest detail. Each pistol (all electromagnetically triggered) is equipped with an independent photocell and is small in size to enable positioning in even the most remote points of the machine. Glue detection systems available.

The main advantages of Cartoglue-LP
Great flexibility
Ease of use
Reduced maintenance
Ease of cleaning
Ideal for retrofit of existing lines