Tape, whether a roll with an extended liner, a special laminate of two different adhesives or die-cut pieces in roll form, is something that all tape converters are able to provide. But that’s only part of a solution. And the application?

That’s where a tape application automation company like Enimac comes in. We work with the converter and the client to design and develop a solution that will meet or exceed the client’s productivity needs.  The client may already be using a specific tape, but one that is not ideal for automation, or may come to the converter in search of a tape for a new project. 

The converter suggests a tape suitable for the client’s project and approaches Enimac for an automation solution, which Enimac directly develops, or Enimac may suggest using another type or form of tape, starting a short iterative process that will yield the desired solution. It has also been the case where the client came directly to Enimac first.  Either way works well since Enimac is part of a tape converting group (Biemme Adesivi) with tape and automation knowledge all under one roof.   

A recent product of this process is the Enimac Pick & Place, a machine the cleanly removes the die-cut tape strips from a roll and precisely applies them to the client’s substrate. Just one of several new industrial solutions from Enimac.